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Keynotes & Retreat



A “Keynote” is a beautiful spiritual reality, but it may not be something that too many people have learned about. A very basic understanding begins with the Cosmic Truth that everything is Energy, and that Energy moves as Waves of Light. Our entire universe consists of Energy / Light, and it is Sound (at varying frequencies / levels of vibration) that creates the many structures and patterns that we see across the Matter Universe, on Earth, and within all of Life.


It is complex, but people can acquire a higher understanding through spiritual development regarding the “Blueprint of God” when it comes to His Creation. Because everything is created from Sound, the Matter Universe itself consists of “Spiritual Music” through its mathematical harmony of form and movement. Many wise people throughout history understood the special relationship between Mathematics and Music, which is why they taught both subjects together. They referred to the Cosmic Tones as the “Music of the Spheres”. It cannot be heard with our physical ears, but it can be heard with our “Inner Ear” that allows us to sense spiritual things at a higher frequency / vibration.

Music of the Spheres.jpg

This means that the movement of Celestial Spheres creates Sound, which is “Music”, but it also means that people would have their own unique Sound that is individual to them alone. We all have a specific melody that reflects that frequency / vibration of our unique individuality in God. It is the beautiful music of our Higher Selves in spiritual realms and can be “heard”, even while our souls are embodied in our present lifetime, by those capable of tuning into the harmony of the soul. This “Music of Individuality” is also known as a “Keynote”.

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Some extremely gifted people have been able to achieve a certain level of spiritual attunement during their lives and could “hear” various Keynotes of Spiritual Beings: Buddha (“Symphony No. 9” - Beethoven), Mother Mary (“Ave Maria” - Schubert), St. Michael the Archangel (“Eternal Father, Strong to Save” - Dykes), and so on. These Spiritual Keynotes were brought into our physical world by amazing composers: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Dykes, Elgar, Grieg, Handel, Liszt, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schubert, Sibelius, Strauss I & II, Verdi, and Wagner to name a few examples. This is why Classical music has been so important for the peace and harmony of society, as well as the spiritual development of civilization itself.  


So, why is this amazing concept being spoken of here? Because this website is dedicated to the Lost Years and Teachings of Jesus . . . the Higher Teachings that most Christians and lovers of Jesus have not heard about in their churches or The Bible. It is very exciting to understand what a Keynote is and to also learn the Sacred Music associated with Beloved Jesus the Christ! When we listen to the specific songs that contain the Light of Jesus, we can feel his Presence with us . . . and that allows us to experience the incredible radiance of his Great Love, Peace, and Joy.

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There are three primary songs that capture the melody of Jesus, and it will benefit everyone who is devoted to him to listen to this Sacred Music. Two of the songs are probably not a surprise to most people; they have heard them many times and associate them with Jesus . . . but did not know just how special and important the songs truly were!


1.) “Hallelujah Chorus”

from Handel’s Messiah


2.) “Joy to the World”


3.) “The Holy City”  



A “Retreat” is another beautiful spiritual reality that few people may have learned about. More specifically, this section is focused on the concept of “Spiritual Retreats” and not those in our physical world. A very basic understanding begins with the Cosmic Truth that Life exists at various Dimensions, Levels, Octaves, and Realms . . . just to give a few different names for the same thing. Even Jesus said, “In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:2)  

Mario Duguay - A.jpg

Most people are focused only on our physical world. Those who are more spiritually-focused believe in “Heaven” or a “Spiritual World”, but they may not fully understand what that entails. Of course, this concept is also very complex and would contain Higher Truths as people climb the “Spiritual Ladder of Consciousness” and develop a greater understanding.

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However, it can be easily understood that Life exists at levels of higher frequency / vibration. The higher the level of frequency / vibration, the higher the spiritual development of the Beings living there. There are many levels of what we call “Heaven”; our spiritual growth and development allows everyone the opportunity to continue rising higher and experiencing the endless levels of God’s Creation!


Great Beings have always worked to help mankind on Earth. Many of them lived and mastered themselves while on Earth, and they gained their freedom from the “cycle of birth-death-rebirth” (i.e., reincarnation) and are now Spiritual Teachers who envision an incredible Golden Age Civilization . . . if humanity is willing to be Co-Creators with them in restoring the Earth as a Planetary Garden of Eden. We know many of them as the Archangels, Angels, and the Saints, Sages, and Masters of the past.


Once these Great Souls “died” and left embodiment (i.e., “Ascended”), they wanted to continue serving and giving their Light and Love by helping others from the Spiritual World. They can only intervene if we pray for assistance, because they (like God) are absolute respecters of Man’s Free Will. And even then, they provide the assistance that is allowed according to God’s Will for mankind, the Earth, and the entire Cosmos . . . knowing that His Will is Perfect. 

“Going to Heaven” is infinitely more than loving reunions with deceased family members, having picnics in beautiful gardens, playing the harp, or whatever else people imagine it to be! Instead, we study and learn higher spiritual concepts, progress to greater levels of consciousness, perform various types of Cosmic Service in our own unique way to help other Spiritual Beings (including mankind), and experience more of God and His Creation.

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So, what is a “Spiritual Retreat”? They are Sacred Places where Great Beings hold certain Balances of Light for the Earth in order to counteract the Darkness, as well as to provide the opportunity for souls to heal, learn, grow, and prepare for their next lives (i.e., reincarnation).


There are magnificent gardens and buildings (e.g., Temples and Learning Centers / Universities of the Spirit), as well as entire Cities of Light at these higher levels of frequency / vibration. The “Spiritual World” is as concrete to these Great Beings as our physical world is to us while we are in a human body. We cannot see the Spiritual Retreats with our physical eyes, because they are beyond the visible spectrum. However, we can go to these Realms of Light when we die and are in “Bodies of Light”.

Mario Duguay - E.jpg
Mario Duguay - F.jpg

We can also go to these Sacred Places even while we are still alive in a physical body. We can do so while we are meditating through the raising of our consciousness and while we are sleeping, for our souls can leave our physical bodies at night and then return in the morning when we wake up. That particular concept may be hard to believe for some people to accept, but many individuals throughout history have seen these Spiritual Realms (before death) and shared their experiences.

Mario Duguay - G.jpg
Mario Duguay - H.jpg
Mario Duguay - I.jpg

Earth is a “Schoolroom”, not a “Playground”. We are intended to spend our time learning and growing as Spiritual Beings while using a human body to be alive in the physical world. Our learning and growing also happens for our souls when we are not in a physical body and spend our time learning from Great Beings in the Spiritual Retreats. There is no end to what we can learn about God and His Creation . . . It is Infinite. What we know right now is a mere grain of sand compared to what our souls can learn as time goes on, both in the Physical World and the Spiritual World. There is so much more to our Spiritual Paths than ANY of the world’s major religions have taught mankind over the centuries!

Mario Duguay - J - Updated.jpg
Mario Duguay - K - Updated.jpg

Spiritual Retreats in the “Heaven World” are located around the Earth just above our physical world in the “Etheric Octave” as some have called it. Again, this website is dedicated to the Lost Years and Teachings of Jesus, so it is very exciting to share that Jesus has at least one Spiritual Retreat that our souls can visit while we are meditating, sleeping, and after we die. It is called the “Resurrection Temple” and is located over Jerusalem in the Holy Land. Jesus shares this Sacred Retreat with Mother Mary.


Keynotes – Jesus’ and Mother Mary’s “Resurrection Temple”

1.) “Come, Sweet Death”

– Johann Sebastian Bach

2.) “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV 140” (“Sleepers, Awake”)

– Johann Sebastian Bach


* * * NOTE * * *


The information on this page regarding the Spiritual Keynotes and Retreat of Jesus came from Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. – Founders of The Summit Lighthouse    


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